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If you’re reading this it’s because you either know myself (Molly) or Alec. Or maybe you know both of us, lucky you!

This blog will follow our move from Boise to New Zealand, and whatever comes after that.



This is usually the first question. Our favorite answer? To do the same thing we’re doing now! We’re hoping to get jobs and find somewhere to live. Ideally we would both love to work in coffee. We both work as barista’s now and think it would be awesome to learn how coffee is done in a different country. This, along with our love of working with coffee, is what makes that particular industry our primary interest.  Once we are established with jobs and somewhere to live- we hope to be able to take short exploratory trips to nearby areas. We love nature and New Zealand has so much we want to experience.
We are excited to get to know the people and places we have yet to meet.


How can we afford it? We’ve been saving…. for a couple of years. While we hope to generate enough income to live off, we do have hopes to continue traveling after we leave New Zealand. Because of this, we wanted to have enough money saved to fund all of our intended travels before we set off.
Visa wise- we applied and were accepted for the Working Holiday Visa’s in March of this year. Beginning December 1st when we enter the country, we are legally able to live and work in NZ for up to a year. We’re arriving on a one way ticket which means we don’t know exactly how long we will stay, but we do know when we have to leave!


This is the tricky question, mostly because we don’t know the answer ourselves! As I’ve mentioned previously, we do have some destinations in mind for after we leave NZ. But all of those plans will be based off how long we end up staying. As it currently stands, we are expecting to be out of the states for roughly 10 months- but we’re aware that this is subject to change.


Hopefully this answers some of the initial questions and curiosity! I can’t tell you how excited we are to finally be embarking on the trip we’ve been daydreaming about for what feels like forever. Logistical preparations for leaving and saying goodbyes still stand between us and the long plane ride across the ocean. The last few months have been full of friends and family and enjoying our time together.

My hope for this blog is to be intentional about documenting our travels for a few reasons. Personally, I know that writing is key for remembering as well as helps me process as I go. I also want to keep family and friends at home or around the world in the loop of what is going on with us- even if we may not be able to talk to every one of you individually!
Thanks for checking out our blog and reading this to the end.

Theres more to come, and I can’t wait.


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