Final farewells

Well, we made it to Christchurch! Roughly 30 hours of travel time. Something interesting about traveling this way across the date line is that you completely lose a day. But we’ll get more into that later.

There’s some really important things to say first.

Thank you.

Because we lived in our house up until we left, we couldn’t quite pack it up until we were close to leaving. This meant that we had pretty much Saturday, Sunday and most of Monday to get things done.

Our fantastic friends helped us for 8 straight hours on Saturday. Everyone was exhausted by the end, but they helped us until we were finished.

Both my parents and Alec’s mom graciously let us store our things in their homes. This meant that we didn’t have to rent a storage unit and that our belongings are in loving hands until we return for them.
For our last night, a group of our friends accompanied us to a dinner hosted by my parent’s, dessert hosted by Alec’s mom, and a slumber party at our friend’s apartment. It was perfect.

Last but not least, the morning that we flew out, a gang of some of our most favorite people woke up much earlier than they needed to. Just so they could send us off equipped with love, letters and a whole bunch of hugs.

We also wanted to say huge thank you to both of our jobs. Big City and Coffee Studio were significant parts of our lives and we will miss the time spent there, along with all the lovely people we met along the way.

Thank you doesn’t quite express our gratitude for the people around us who stepped in to show us love and support as we made this huge transition.

We consider ourselves lucky beyond belief to have such amazing people in our lives.

We’re thankful, appreciative, humbled, and we love you all dearly.

Family and friends are the solid ground we can always fall back on.

You give us sturdy footing, which is what makes this first step possible.

And for that, we won’t be able to thank you enough.


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