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One week in

Hey all!

It’s been a week since we landed in Christchurch. We’re staying with Kate and Chris, who are my cousins-in-law (yeah its a thing). They have two lovely girls, Maia and Piper. We’ve had a lot of fun hanging out with them and getting to look at Christchurch through their eyes. Kate has taken us some really cool places that we are excited to explore more.
We’ve been noticing all the things that are different here. Some of them are obvious… you know, they drive on the left side of the road… the driver sits on the right… that kind of thing. There’s also a good amount of little things that are different. It’s been cool to see them and get used to them.
Here are our lists of unique things we have found so far that are different in New Zealand!


-Pedestrians cross the road wherever… J-walking isn’t illegal.

-The tap water is super tasty.

-Everyone hang dries their clothes, people don’t usually have dryers.

-There is no canned chili.

-Public bathroom stall doors overlap so there are no cracks in them.


-The light switches click up for off.

-They don’t sweeten their whipped cream.

-Solicitors are called circulars. There are signs on all the doors that say “No Circulars”.

-There are two buttons to flush toilets, a half flush and a full flush.

-Each house has bins for garbage(rubbish), recycling, AND compost(organics).

We both agree that the coffee is pretty darn good 😉


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