A not-so-white Christmas

This is the first Christmas we’ve ever spent away from our families. Which automatically meant that it would be a very different Christmas than what we’re used to. While there is 8 inches of snow on the ground in Boise, it’s 70 and sunny here in Christchurch.

On top of that, while it is December 25th for all of our family and friends…. Today is actually boxing day for us, which we have never celebrated in the states.

There are some things that are familiar. Christmas trees and holiday parties. The craziness of the mall and traffic.  The quietness of the city streets while everyone is home with their families. The holiday spirit of kindness that allows a family to open up their home to two tag alongs(That’s us!). But even still, theres something that feels foreign about Christmas when its summertime.

Did you know that its really hard to shop for someone when you are with them, all the time? We decided to try something new, gave each other 40 minutes in the mall and set off to try to find gifts for one another. But… in the end we needed to go together to actually buy said gifts. It’s hard to know if a dress and a pair of pants will fit right. Especially when each article of clothing needs to be invaluable if its going to take up precious space in our backpacks. So, no exchanging wrapped gifts with each other this year. Another new thing.
But new is why we’re traveling. So while its hard to be so far away from what makes the holidays feel most festive…. we’re trying to take in all of the newness with appreciation. It’s been fun to have a Christmas be unlike any we’ve ever had.
Plus, Christmas crackers and pavlova are pretty awesome.

Merry Christmas to everyone back home. We miss you.



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