When we left Boise, we only took as much as we could carry on the plane. We each had our backpacks and one smaller bag.

Here is a breakdown of what we brought and what it looks like.



What’s there:

~ 11 bottoms (5 shorts, 3 material pants, sweats, athletic capris, jeans)

~ 19 shirts (5 long sleeve, 2 t-shirts, 7 tanks, 4 camisoles, cardigan)

~ 1 Dress

~ 10 underclothes (8 underwear, 2 bras)

~ 5 pairs of socks

~ 2 jackets (hoodie and windbreaker)

~ Bikini and swim shorts

~ Accessories (hat, scarf, bandana, sunglasses)

~ Shoes (flip flops and tennis shoes)

~ Electronics (laptop, charger, headphones, camera charger, plug adaptor, battery charger, extra phone charging cord)

~Misc. (journal, waterproof phone case, towel, water bottle)


This is everything listed above, consolidated using 2 packing cubes, and 2 small bags.
Plus my toiletry bag and mini essential oil kit.



Final form! Everything listed above plus my purse.




What’s there:

– 14 shirts (4 long sleeve, 5 t-shirts, 2 tanks, 2 sweaters, 1 cardigan)

– 2 jackets (hoodie and windbreaker)

– 7 pants (4 jeans, swim trunks, athletic shorts, sweats)

– 6 pairs of underwear

– 4 pairs of socks

– Accessories (gloves, hat, ear warmer, bandana, scarf, sunglasses)

– Shoes (flip flops and tennis shoes)

– Electronics (laptop, speaker, headphones, GPS, mouse, battery charger, camera)

– Toiletry bag and towel

– Misc. (journal, bladder, outlet splitter, flask, extra plugs and cords, water bottle*)

*the water bottle is new, since I lost the one I originally brought already…


This is everything listed above, consolidated using 3 packing cubes, a laptop case and an old camera case.



Final form!


The only things missing from the inventory you see above is the details of our toiletry bags, and the clothes we are wearing.
We also left out the things you would typically carry in your pockets or purse (wallets, passports, phones, etc).

We’ve already figured out what we use and don’t use, and have some things in mind to ship home before we leave New Zealand.

If you are curious about more of the nitty gritty details, feel free to ask!

We hope your year is off to a great start 🙂

~Alec and Molly


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