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We got jobs!

What we didn’t realize when we planned our trip was timing for cafes to hire. Most of the coffee shops close for anywhere from one to two weeks over Christmas and New Years… which meant that when we started dropping off CV’s (equivalent to a resume) in mid December, they told us that they most likely wouldn’t be hiring until after the holidays.

We applied a good number of places, both in person and online. But with all the holiday closures we didn’t hear back from many places and got a little bit discouraged.

So once everything started back up we were really ready to get going again. It’s fun to have a break from working for sure, and we kept ourselves busy with equal parts exploring and relaxing…. but we were missing the routine of a job. Not to mention the income 😉 Oh… and coffee.

Pretty quickly after the start of the year we started getting phone calls for interviews and trials and we were stoked (and relieved!). We ran into some complications with timing… a lot of cafe’s were looking for permanent members. AKA- not travelers who don’t have an exact leave date. We wanted to find something that was beneficial for each of us, as well as for the cafe. It didn’t even have to be the same place- in fact we didn’t expect that it would be.

However, we got incredibly lucky… and ended up being hired at the same place! It’s called Rushani’s and its owned and operated by a super cool couple in Lyttelton. At the moment we’re working part time, 2-3 shifts a week each.  But in the next month we’re expecting to be working a bit more. It’s exactly what we were hoping for.

The food is spectacular, the coffee is quality, and people are fun, and the view is hard to beat.


We’re feeling so honored to be a part of the team there and really excited to get to know more about how things work as well as getting to know the people of Lyttelton better!



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