Introducing Behind Alec

Of course when you go beautiful places and see beautiful things… You take pictures. Or maybe you don’t, but we do.

Since we’ve been here we’ve been documenting our explorations with pictures, both in route to our destination as well as when we arrive. I (Molly) started to notice a theme in the pictures I was taking. They were often of the view, but with Alec standing in front of me, facing it. This is probably for two reasons: because I like the way that style of picture looks, but also because Alec typically walks faster than me- therefore he is often in front of me anyway.

I went back through some of my pictures from years past and found a few that also fit… which is pretty cool. Guess it’s been a theme in our travels for longer than we’ve realized.

We’re going to be posting the pictures in sections, starting with the ones I took before we set off to New Zealand. We made a whole separate menu for this series- so to check them out, click on the “Behind Alec” menu at the top of the blog. It should be next to “About Us” and “Contact”.

Hope you enjoy seeing the view from my perspective…. Behind Alec 😉


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