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London was our first landing point for the European leg of our trip. We landed in London Heathrow almost 30 hours after we left Bangkok, Thailand. Our friend Grace and her friend Vicki, picked us up at the airport! We were so excited to see Grace after more than 7 months!  It was so luxurious to be picked up rather than sorting our own transport!

Grace had planned out an exciting couple of days for us in London. We all got the London Pass so that we could see as much of the sights as possible while we were there. None of us are usually so into the touristy things… so it was a fun adventure. Plus, with so many iconic and historical things around… how can you not participate?!

Our very first stop was Buckingham Palace. We coincidentally got there right in time for the changing of the guards. Apparently we missed the memo on that, but we were lucky to show up on time! The Queen was home… but didn’t pop out to say hello. Rude.

We wandered Westminster Abbey and learned heaps about it’s history. Did you know that Sir Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin are both buried there!? We know now!


We walked across the Westminster Bridge and got a spectacular view of Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament.

We rode the London Eye and had a 360 degree view of the skyline!

We visited the Tower of London and saw the Crown Jewels… they really don’t want you to take pictures by the way.

We walked across Tower Bridge and stared down at the cars passing under the glass bottom floor.

We did the London Bridge Experience which taught us all about the history of the London Bridge… and also spooked us just a smidge.

We toured the Beefeater Distillery (the only one in the world!) and learned some history about the gin itself. It’s incredible that every bottle of the stuff originates in that one factory.

We walked to Camden Town a few times… once in the evening and once during the day. We were able to explore the market stalls and booths and eat some tasty food. Camden has a unique hipster vibe to it which is what makes it such a popular spot to visit.

Our Airb&b flat happened to be just down the street from the iconic Abbey Road crosswalk. When we first drove past it we only noticed because of the large amount of tourists blocking our ability to drive through the intersection! We went back for a better look a few days later. Kind of crazy how many pictures have been taken there.

All together London was a whirlwind of new but also vaguely familiar sights and places. It’s so fun to visit a place that is so widely renowned and publicized.



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