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It’s finally done!! The internet in the Philippines seriously did not want to let us upload this. But after many attempts: here is the delayed video for our month of May 🙂

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Cairns ft. The Great Barrier Reef

Important note about Cairns. You don’t pronounce it like it’s spelled. Say key-annes. Then say it really fast and mushed together. That’s how you say it. Should come out sounding more like Cans than Cairns. If we hadn’t been told by a number of Kiwi’s and Aussie’s, we might have thought it was just an… Continue reading Cairns ft. The Great Barrier Reef

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Picture Melbourne

Most people like Melbourne, and we are no exception. The city is home to some of our favorite things. A widely known coffee culture, talented street musicians, vibrant street art, lively markets, rich history and architecture (literally rich, the state of Victoria unearthed todays equivalent of over 22 billions dollars worth of gold in the 1850’s &… Continue reading Picture Melbourne